[9:2] The Way: a name used by the early Christian community for itself (Acts 18:2619:92322:424:1422).

Mission:  To read, reflect, and share the meaning of the daily Scriptures in a blog format.

I want young people to be in relationship with their Savior and not feel like He is a far off distant Person.  After reading God’s Word, faithfully participating in the sacraments, and learning the Catechism of the Catholic Church (or YouCat for youth) everything you need to know about yourself and God is found in your heart.  We text each other constantly throughout the day, but rarely spend time talking to Jesus with our hearts.  God is found in Communion.  You must receive Him and go to Adoration or the quietness of your room.  Nature is God’s artwork and a great place to talk to God.  I hope this website brings young people together to share how Jesus is working in their lives and that it is okay to be called religious or get caught reading the Bible.