Abraham’s faith amazes me! First, he answers God with, “Here I am!” ready to do whatever the Lord asks. I am not like Abraham when comes to what I think I will be accomplishing with my pride, hard work, competitive nature and selfish will. So that I may be recognized and receive earthly awards. Let’s check out God’s gift to us, Abraham’s faith, Jesus’ sacrifice, and how we are called to be transformed into Christ and be a saint!

God’s gift: The death of His only Son “who had no sin to take the place of all sin”.

Abraham’s faith: He is willing to obey God to the point of killing his son. This is impossible faith, but not for one who truly trusts God and His will.

Jesus’ sacrifice: obedience to His Father’s will to the point of death on a tree, we put Jesus in this position with our sins.

The Transformation: Moses-The Law, Elijah-the Prophets, Jesus-love, the fulfillment of the Law and Prophets

Our transformation: Baptism-renounce Satan, follow Creed, fight sin, fallen human nature, and Satan with unwavering, persevering prayer, replacing bad habits with virtue, and loving! Die to self, pick up you cross and follow Jesus! It is impossible to get to heaven without prayer and sacrifice, two staples of the Tranfiguration today and prediction of the sacrifice Jesus is about to embark upon to save us!

Pray+sacrifice+obedience=New Life made possible by Jesus Christ-eternal Joy in heaven

Christian YOLO!