Humbly submit your will to God (Thy Will be done) and consecrate yourself to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.
Venerable Anne Catherine Emmerich-1774-1824
Anne was born in Germany to peasant parents and often had visions from Jesus, Mary, and other saints while in the field tending sheep. Her angel-guardian appeared to her many times when she was young. She was a religious of the Order of St. Augustine, at the Convent of Agnetenberg, Dulmen, Westphalia. She tended to the poor and gave anything she had. If the Blessed Sacrament was passing by even at a great distance she could feel It’s presence and run to the spot and kneel when the priest was coming by. She was blessed with the suffering of the crown of thorns and the writer of this book saw blood go through her bandages in daylight while explaining her visions to him.


The Agony in the Garden-Jesus agonizes in 3 ways: 1. He sees every sin and punishment from the fall of Adam to the end of the world, 2. Satan tempts Him, 3. for 45 minutes He sees visions of the crucifixion He is about to endure.

“His sorrow and anguish of soul continued to increase, and he was trembling all over when he entered the grotto to pray, like a wayworn traveler hurriedly seeking shelter from sudden storm, but the awful visions pursued him even there, and became more and more clear and distinct. Alas! This small cavern appeared to contain the awful picture of all the sins which had been or were to be committed from the fall of Adam to the end of the world, and of the punishment which they deserved. He fell on his face, overwhelmed with unspeakable sorrow, and all the sins of the world displayed themselves before him, under countless forms and in all their real deformity. He took them all upon himself, and in his prayer offered his own adorable Person to the justice of his Heavenly Father, in payment for so awful a debt. Pg. 100

“But Satan, who was enthroned amid all these horrors, and even filled with diabolical joy at the sight of them, let loose his fury against Jesus, and displayed before the eyes of his soul increasingly awful visions, at the same time addressing his adorable humanity in words such as these: ‘Takest thou even this sin upon thyself? Art thou willing to bear its penalty? Art thou prepared to satisfy for all these sins?’
“And now a long ray of light, like a luminous path in the air, descended from heaven; it was a procession of angels who came up to Jesus and strengthened and reinvigorated him. Satan brought forward innumerable temptations, as he had formerly done in the desert, even daring to adduce various accusations against him. He approached him with faults of the disciples, the scandals they had caused, and the disturbances which he had occasioned in the world by giving up ancient customs. He approached Jesus with having been the cause of the massacre of the Innocents (2 year old boys King Herod killed to try and kill Jesus, Feast 12/28), as well as the sufferings of his parents in Egypt, with not having saved John the Baptist from death, with having brought disunion into families, protected men of despicable character, and refused to cure various sick persons.” Pg. 100-101

“When Jesus, unrelieved of all the weight of his sufferings (after talking to the Apostles), returned to the grotto, he fell prostrate with his face on the ground and his arms extended, and prayed to his Eternal Father; but his soul had to sustain a second interior combat which lasted three quarters of an hour. Angels came and showed him, in a series of visions all the sufferings that he was to endure in order to expiate our sins; They showed him the satisfaction which he would have to offer to Divine Justice, and how it would consist of a degree of suffering in his soul and body which would comprehend all the sufferings due to the concupiscence (personal sin-venial and mortal) of all mankind since the debt of the whole human race had to be paid by that humanity which alone was sinless-the humanity of the Son of God.” Pg. 106

Today’s challenge: Walk through the Passion with Christ, take time to think about what He went through and how great his love is for us. Suffer with Christ as He suffered for you. Compassion means “to suffer with”. Suffer with Christ this Holy Week and Triduum.

Be a servant, Become a saint!
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