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Fr. Spitzer outlines 5 enigmas (a person or thing that is mysterious, puzzling, or difficult to understand) of the Shroud of Turin, the cloth believed to be the burial cloth of Jesus.  *No other image like it in the history of images
*Most scientifically studied artifact-sacred or secular

1. Photographic Negative

Image result for photographic negative of shroud of turin

Image result for photographic negative of shroud of turin

In 1898, Secondo Pia an Italian lawyer and amateur photographer took a picture of the Shroud of Turin.  What he found was remarkable.  Fr. Spitzer recommends everyone order this photo and hang it where you pray so you can see the face of Christ, a great prayer aid.  No painter in ancient or medieval times could have predicted that photography would be invented hundreds of years later.  This is not a painting.

2.  Roman coins or leptons over the eyes of the man in the Shroud of Turin.  They are found to be minted by Pontius Pilate around 29AD, only about 5 left in the world.

Image result for roman coins on the Shroud of Turin

3. Blood stains-genuine hemoglobin, AB blood type, show a man who was scourged with a dumbbell shaped flagrum, man was scourged everywhere except soles of feet and in pelvic area.  Blood stains show he was hanging from an upright position.  They show that he had a cap of thorns on his head, not a circular crown.

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4. pollen samples-dating from the time of Jesus in Jerusalem, the pollen found around the head is very strong of a plant that is only found in Jerusalem, there are other pollen samples from areas that shroud is known to have traveled throughout its history

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5. Evidence of the Resurrection-The latest scientific evidence to describe the light that hit the Shroud of Turin to etch this image on a flax cloth states that it had to be a 1-40 billionth of a second burst that had the light energy of several billion watts with no heat energy.  If heat was added to a light this bright and strong it would have disintegrated the cloth instantly.  The power of the light is greater than all excimer ARF laser beams (a laser beam that emits laser light in the ultra violet range) combined that we have in the world today, 14,000.  The image does not go further than the upper most fibrils of the cloth, therefore it is not painted, a dye, or scorched.

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This image on a non-photographic cloth when pulled up as a 3D image keeps its shape (no other image does this) meaning the light hit the man in the cloth and then the man was gone.

St. Thomas Aquinas reminds us it is important for us to use faith and reason which includes science to help us understand who God is and His plan for us.  Jesus asks us to, “Be not afraid” and trust in Him.  Never stop searching for the Truth, Jesus Christ.

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