Humbly submit your will to God (thy Will be done) and consecrate yourself to the Sacred Heart of Jesus through Mary and Joseph.

​Jesus said to the Apostles:
“Who among you would say to your servant
who has just come in from plowing or tending sheep in the field,
‘Come here immediately and take your place at table’?
Would he not rather say to him,
‘Prepare something for me to eat.
Put on your apron and wait on me while I eat and drink.
You may eat and drink when I am finished’?
Is he grateful to that servant because he did what was commanded?
So should it be with you.
When you have done all you have been commanded, say,
‘We are unprofitable servants;
we have done what we were obliged to do.’”  Lk 17:7-10

Today, Jesus continues to answer the request of the disciples in yesterday’s Gospel, “Increase our faith”.  He teaches us that our life is a gift and everything we have is because of the grace of God.  Without God, human beings have nothing but sin, suffering, and no hope.  With God and His grace, we have hope and we can offer our suffering up to be purified.  We can fight our disordered human nature and Satan’s temptations.  So, Jesus is teaching the disciples that when they fulfill the demands of being a follower of Christ they are doing what they are supposed to do. 

We can’t add anything to God.  He is complete in and of Himself.  God’s grace is a free gift.  To “increase our faith” we must give all to God and recognize everything comes from Him.  How different things would be if we could not be forgiven for our sins?  The attitude of a servant is to be faithful and completely dependent on God’s grace, love, and mercy.  The attitude of a servant is to accept the taxing demands of a Christian disciple as our duty.  

This Gospel comes right after the disciples ask Him to “increase their faith”.  Do you have faith?  We can’t reason our way to heaven.  We can’t work our way to heaven.  We can’t buy our way to heaven.  We must believe and be ready for the battle!  If you are all in, be ready to be tested and to fight the Devil.  God’s grace never fails and His love is the most powerful thing in the world.  God will always prevail.  Submit and accept Him.

Today’s challenge: Trust God, completely renounce your will and give yourself totally to God and His will, fight and persevere.  Totus Tuus-Totally Yours  It is amazing what happens when you give your yes to God!!!!!

Be a servant, become a saint!
​#Christian YOLO