Humbly submit your will to God (thy Will be done) and consecrate yourself to the Sacred Heart of Jesus through Mary and Joseph.

Jesus told his disciples a parable.
“Consider the fig tree and all the other trees.
When their buds burst open,
you see for yourselves and know that summer is now near;
in the same way, when you see these things happening,
know that the Kingdom of God is near.
Amen, I say to you, this generation will not pass away
until all these things have taken place.
Heaven and earth will pass away,
but my words will not pass away.” Lk 21:29-33

Jesus is finishing His lesson on what to expect when the Son of Man comes. He explains this through the parable of a fig tree and just as it blooms naturally when the weather changes we know that summer is near. Just as things happen naturally in nature and we can see the signs of the changing of the seasons, so to will be the the signs he described earlier of when the Son of Man will come and “the Kingdom of God is near.” We are called to be vigilant daily and always ready for His return. We will have daily crosses and daily joy. Most importantly, He teaches us that “everything will pass away, but His Words will not pass away”.

Increase your faith by reading the Scriptures daily or if possible going to daily Mass and stay faithful to the Sacraments. Once you have been filled up with Christ Himself in the Word and the Eucharist, recognize the gifts He has given you and how blessed you are then share those gifts with others and serve. Praise and thank God for this life and the opportunity to prepare ourselves and the world for the coming of the Kingdom. Then, we will be peacefully waiting for Him.

Today’s challenge: Be ready for the Coming of the Son of Man by reading the Scriptures daily, applying them to your life, keep God’s grace in you by faithfully receiving the sacraments, and then peacefully await the Kingdom of God by loving self, serving others, and praising God.

Be a servant, become a saint!

​#Christian YOLO

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