After reading the readings this morning, I did not have much come to mind so I am referring to the reflections I read each morning.  St. Paul says, “It matters little to me whether you or any human court pass judgment on me.” 1 Corinthians 4:3 

St. Paul is much better than I.  If someone judges me and my back is against the wall I fight.  Today, I would like you to think about the central idea behind Christ: not selfish, but selfless.  When someone judges you and I, we do not have to listen to them or compromise our values or what we believe in.  The only judgment we need to worry about is God’s judgment.

God’s judgment is a very real thing that we sometimes forget about.  We will face our Creator and be judged. If you think you are getting away with lying to your parents, cheating at school, or being mean to someone behind their back; God is always watching.  We will have to repair for every sin we commit.  Remember, Jesus atoned for every one of our sins so we could one day be in heaven with the Father.  Fight sin, avoid what leads you to sin, and resist temptation with fasting.

In the Gospel Jesus is trying to tell the people to keep an open mind to what is new.  If we have a closed mind, we are not growing.  If we do not grow in our spiritual life, it is dead!

It is Friday, at 3PM we are to remember that Jesus atoned for our sins, took our place on that cross.  Sacrifice something today (which is a requirement of our faith not optional): pebble in your shoe, no salad dressing or ketchup, no pop or dessert, no meat, no pillow or blanket, etc.  Whatever we sacrifice it is a very small price to pay for